Ritualities proteins are for those who prefer home treatments for shiny, repaired hair.

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Ritualities Proteins:

Ritualities maintenance pack is specially designed for home use to prolong the results of the salon. It elminates hair frizz, repairs and restuctures hair fibre, regenerates and seals the cuticles.

Argan Mystic Diamonds:

Argan mystic Diamond combines the light power of diamonds and Argan oil properties. With Mystic Diamond you will get incredible nutrition which regenerates damaged, brittle hair. It also prevents frizzy hair and gives hair an extra boost of shine. .

Vitamin Recharge:

Vitamin Recharge gently cleanses the hair and helps regulate oily, dry and irritated scalps. It revitalises hair, giving it an incredible shine. Enriched with Olive oil for extra nutrition and hydration.

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