"ZINSEL" Range of NUTRACEUTICALS is manufactured under strict pharmaceutical conditions.

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Renew your Original Hair Color within a 6 x month - period, recommended by Doctors!

"Zinsel h" hair re-grow is specifically designed to help increase scalp hair growth from within. The product is totally natural, contains no drugs or anything artificial to the body, Safe for pregnant women 100%.

Natural First of its kind in S.A with no side effects.

Zinsel H works by providing the right supplements in the right proportions to help stimulate the body to grow new scalp hair. The key ingredients have been clinically proven by what appears to involve an increase in the proportion of growing hair (anagen phase) and an accompanying decrease in the proportion of resting hair (telogen phase), an increase in the length of hair grown (shown as a decrease in the proportion of hair which is less than 30 mm in length) and a reduction in the amount of hair being shed from the scalp


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